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Floor Plan Software / Techniques

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Hello all,


Just wondering what people use to make floor plans.


Until now, I've been using the good ol' notebook and coloured pens technique, but I'd like to start doing floor plans on my laptop so that I can have them clear, concise, and quickly shareable.

Is there any software you use that you'd recommend?


My plan is to have an ipad mini with floor plans, visual reference, shot lists, artemis pro, tech scout photos, script, sides, scene information and anything else I would find useful on set.

Any insight on going down that path would be appreciated as well :)


All the best,



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Shot Put Pro, I think is the name of one of the programs. Personally, I hate it. I spend more time fiddling in it then if I had pen and paper.

I use LxBeams if I have to for lighting plots-- but even then I prefer pen and paper and a good binder.


Many people, these days, it seems are going into full on 3d renderings-- stuff like Maya which will also give you a quick and dirty pre-viz.

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