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Randy J Tomlinson

Mattebox Recomendation

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For my Arri SR3 i have rented Mattebox and Follow Focus so far, but im ready to purchase my own now. I have used the Arri MB20 and the Arri LMB4x5 so far and i was happy with it. However, altought i wish i had the funds to get a MB20 i must look for an alternative. Maybe the JTZ DP30 4x 5.65 is in my consideration. I am using Arri Zeiss HS Lenses with a front diameter of 80mm but i also have a Century Optics with 88mm.

So, 4x4 is probably not a good idea. Anyone here willing to advice me?


Thank you


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Just got the Arri 4x5 mattebox and it's amazing. Expensive but totally worth it. I had a Bright-tangerine misfit before and that's not even in the same universe.

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I want for the affordable SACHTLER Ace matte box...does the job and cool styling


ieek... nope. that looks to much plastic. im filming outside in rough terrain sometimes. im going for the MB20. costs me more but its like a tank.

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Well, there's two mattebox threads going at the moment, so thought best not to start a new one. I need to use some filters but at the moment having just bought a camera I don't want to spend much money. I have some lenses with 52mm front diameter and one with 72mm, which I will be using. So just two requirements, something that will fit both those sizes, and can easily put filters in, and obviously with the sun shade but that can just be basic. What would be a good, low-cost type to start out with? Thanks for any advice. I will have a means to fit rods, if needed, but maybe just something light weight that clips onto the lens will do.

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I recently worked on a shoot where the DP had bought his own mattebox - an Abracam (https://abracam.myshopify.com/). I think his was the 3F138-EVO

It's 3D printed and I was skeptical of it initially but despite what looks like a less robust design than something like a ARRI LMB I have to admit it worked very well and had some really useful perks.

- No filters trays so filters stack immediately on top of one another without glare
- Quick release for easier removal from lens
- Very lightweight
- Extremely quick to convert from 3 stage to 2 stage, just push to corners.
- Nifty lightweight flags

I've only used it on a single 4 day job so can't speak to durability but would have no issues using in future, filter changes were definitely quicker. Everyhing seemed very secure and robust - my only gripe as an AC is it's so small there nowhere to put filter tags!

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