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Hello All


One of our clients has a Nikon R10 S8 Camera, does anyone here know if it has a automatic light meter?


if so can you adjust the light meter manually?



Thanks in Advance

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It has an automatic exposure system. It adjusts the aperture according to measured light and the ISO value of the cartridge. It draws power from the main battery set. Function is easily checked by pressing the trigger half way and pointing the lens in the direction of a bright light or dark field. The needle visible in the top of the viewfinder should indicate what aperture it sets. This indicator only shows when there is enough light over the camera to light up the indicator background :) It is an old fashioned camera.


The exposure system can be directed to over or under expose using the knob on the right side.


Setting or locking aperture can be done by pulling out the EE knob on the left and rotate that. Aperture setting is visible in the viewfinder.


Keep the REW/FOR knob on For(ward) while testing. The camera will stop after 100 frames in REW, appearing broken while it is not.

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