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Stephen Perera

Luminous paint (for metal) to mark a lens.....

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OK so my eyesight isn't what it used to be esp in the dark.....can anyone recommend a good fluorescent paint to mark my lenses as THAT would be really helpful.....just to do simple lines and dots where they exist but to convert to 'glow in the dark.....e.g. mark my diopter on my extended eyepiece on my Aaton.....mark my lenses etc....

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It's easy enough to get paints, but most of the ones I've seen were acrylic-based and really intended for artwork on paper or canvas, not marking metal objects.


You may want to look into the "lume" used by horologists (er, watch and clock people) for reworking the dials on wristwatches. Often it's supplied as a powder to be mixed into some sort of paint base - sometimes people use epoxy resin.

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hey Phil thanks for that...hows this sound???




Ok in case this is at all interesting to anyone I have a contact and am awaiting a reply as to application on metal lenses etc as opposed to watches.....



Peter Botheroyd
Sundance, Port Werburgh
Vicarage Lane
United Kingdom
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There are lots of YouTube videos about redoing watch dials. I'd have a look at those, the info should be relevant as to materials and techniques.


(A friend of mine is really into this stuff, I could ask him, but I suspect he just gets his info from there.)



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OP, if you do get true luminous paint, you can shine a bright flashlight on it and it will glow for about 10 - 15 minutes in the dark.

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