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Scott Pickering

Apollo 11- Documentary Film 2019

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Anyone see this film? I have tickets to go to the IMAX on Monday to check this out. I'm a big space fan and have followed NASA for years. I have heard there were 70mm films that were made at the time, but no one ever saw any of it. Looks like they dug them out and put them to good use. Apparently NASA was planning on releasing a film of Apollo 11 at the time, but it never went anywhere and the project was shelved. They used the same 65mm cameras that were used on Lawrence of Arabia and Cleopatra from what I read. So today they took scans off the 65mm negatives and also used newly sourced audio from 8 days worth of tapes for this film. I wish I could see this in 70mm, but IMAX digital will have to do. I expect it to look great, but not sure how much of the film will be shown after the launch. I don't imagine they took 65mm cameras on the mission, due to size and weight. Any comments?

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Yes, some 65mm. BTS was commissioned by NASA


not to be confused with "Moonwalk One", which was released, in 1971, in 35mm.

Only 16mm. cine was shot on the flight. There is also a lot of material shot at high speed on the launchpad for engineering purposes- I believe some of this is in large format.

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My son and I saw it yesterday in IMAX digital. As much as I hate how IMAX has diluted their brand, I must say, it looked very good.


The recently rediscovered 65MM footage looks amazing. It seems to be mostly used in the prep, launch and recovery footage. Truly beautiful. The score and sound design and editing really elevate this above your average documentary using archive footage. I highly recommend seeing it n the cinema.

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I watched this movie yesterday and am going again tomorrow. Its a very well done movie. Suspenseful considering we all know the outcomes. Synth music was excellent. Yes I'd say they used the 65mm material for about 30% of the film. The rest was either tv footage or 16mm. The 65mm photography was very good, but I did notice the indoor 65mm material was rather dark and the faces were quite red in color, or even darker then that. I'm surprised they didn't fix this in post. You can tell the coloring has faded somewhat, as the indoor color temp was a little off. The outdoor material was fine. I wish I could see this in 4K, as even in IMAX I could see the pixels on the screen. Screen door effect. Jagged edges. Its a shame they wont release this film in UHD Blu Ray. They only have it slated for standard blu ray release in May. Im still getting it though. I wonder what material we'll see in the news come July this year?

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Great film. The trips between the moon and earth was thriller, even though I knew the outcome. I watched it in digital projection during its opening weekend. I just checked and found out that it is screening at an Air and Space museum near me. I'm excited to see it projected on 70mm film!!

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