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Dylan Sunshine Saliba

'til Death Do Us Part (short)

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22 hours ago, Bob Speziale said:

You have to be a member of Amazon Prime to watch it. Amazon Prime cost $156 a year to join.  

It's true, you have to either be a prime member or have a friend who is and watch it with them.  I completely understand not everyone has Prime (although I was VERY surprised at how many people actually do!).  I'll be releasing the film on Vimeo shortly so that everyone can see without the hassle of commercialism.  Honestly it was an experiment to see what the returns for an Amazon release could be.  Problem was I took to long in post and they dropped the rate from $0.15 per hour to $0.04 per hour streamed.

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On 3/20/2019 at 12:05 PM, Bob Speziale said:

Amazon Prime cost $156 a year to join.  

Ok, I was going to put it on Vimeo, but they are being a bit greedy IMO with their subscription scheme, so here is a link for the youtube!  Also, the Amazon version is actual 5.1 surround sound whereas youtubes is only stereo.

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Very nicely done.  Good camera work, sound, music and editing. The only critique I can make is I think the color of the blood was off. I think it should have been a bit darker. Maybe look at blood in other movies and compare. Also, I think there's a safety cap at the end of the gun barrel around 12:58 which I wouldn't show as it takes away the realism of the scene. Thanks.


Edited by Bob Speziale

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Thank you!  Oooooh the blood.  I actually did this one to get over my phobia of working with blood on set (continuity, resets and clean up).  I agree it was too cherry in tone.  Blood is an art form like all the other jobs for sure!  I missed the gun barrel cap.  😞  Thanks for checkin it out!

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