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Kyle J. McElravy

Looking for used Lasergraphics Film Scanner for good price

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Hello, I'm looking for a used Lasergraphics film scanner for a cheaper price than what I've seen on their official site. I'm looking to start an archival film service that can transfer any type of film formats. In 2012, I unsuccessfully tried to start one for just 8 and 16mm film, but due to lack of funds and proper equipment, the project was indefinitely scrapped. My spending budget is approximately no more than $500 and there's no way I'm spending $5,000 for a brand new model off the factory line. Please help. Thank you.

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Can you link to the scanner you're referring to? Unless there is some chinese company stealing the name lasergraphics, I'm unaware of ANY scanner lasergraphics makes that's close to $5k USD. 

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It think you've been misinformed about a few things. There is a low-cost brand that makes mediocre 8mm and 16mm scanners http://moviestuff.tv/ and their price range is around $5k or so for a new scanner. They are the only company I know of making scanners in the $5k price range. 

Lasergraphics scanners are some of the best in the world, the director sitting right next to the Arri scanner in terms of quality in my opinion. These scanners are used in commercial post production and they use some of the newest imager technology with some of the best cleanup tools around. 

You can get into a basic scanstation personal without an optical package for around $50,000 USD and the normal scanstation with an optical package is around $90,000 USD. There is not much of a used market for these machines because they're so new, very few people have bought them to begin with. 

Even people who build their own scanners, wind up spending close to $5k on the camera imager alone, let alone the movement and the electronics/software to drive it. If you're looking to transfer Super 8 or 16mm film to digital files, the simplest way is to buy a 5 blade projector for whatever format you're going to shoot and a decent video camera. Then simply project against a screen and shoot with the video camera. 5 blade projectors help remove the flicker from the image and allow you to capture ok images without a scanner. Obviously the reason scanners exist is because they're better quality.

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I think you're confusing the resolution with the price..

The cheapest Scanstation is over $50,000. Blackmagic brought out a "budget" scanner for $30,000 a few years back. 

Moviestuff makes decent 8/16mm scanners for the home enthusiast market for under $7000. 

There are plenty of threads here about people making their own scanners if you're the tinkering sort.

I see Tyler responded already..

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Not sure where you're seeing any pricing on their site - it's not there, you need to talk to their sales rep to get that information. Tyler's pricing is basically correct - it varies depending on the options you get. We're about $180-$200k into our ScanStation 5 years on, once you factor in all the upgrades we've done over the years (adding gauges, audio formats, upgrading the camera, support packages, etc).

I'm not aware of any used ScanStations for sale right now, and if there were, you'd be looking at a minimum of about 10x what your budget is. Maybe in 20+ years you might find a used one on ebay for $5k, like you can with old Ranks and other telecines now.  maybe.

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Yes, 16mm 5 blade on ebay $700 +/-.  Shoot with a video cam off the screen.

If you have old shrunk film in bad shape, with broken sprockets, etc then you need sprocketless scanner. I keep buying lotto tickets for big time scanner, but no cooperation from lotto.

Here is one example of poor man's transfer.




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