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Brought in two rols of unexposed 500t/7219 from LA and it was X-ray scanned in the airport 😞

Is there any chance that the material is still good? Did anybody have this happen to him and and could share from his/ her experience of what came out of the stock? 



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Big difference between low-dose hand luggage and checked luggage.

Depends on how 'visible' the contents were in the scanner. If you hide the films in a lead bag, the operator will turn up the dose.

I always recommend to ship by Fedex or similar. We recently did a test with the help of Fedex and after eight passes, the increase in D-Min was less than 0.02 (densitometer tolerance). It all depends on the settings of the x-ray machine.



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I flew to the UK and back last year with a bunch of 8mm and 16mm film both 250d and 500t and it came out fine by the time I got back to Cinelab, no X-Ray issues.


I really think the newer machines don't cause fogging problems with film.

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Hi Dirk 

Thanks for your quick and informative reply! 

when you say there was an increase in the Dmin that is like fogging if i understand correctly? just need to overexpose a bit to overcome it and i lose a bit of latitude, right?

and an increase of 0.02 is about how much in stops? 

BTW I did one of my first short films on 16mm with your lab... In praise of the day, produced by Philippe lacote if you remember 🙂


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The problem with x-ray exposure is that it is directional. It will appear as uneven density changes mostly blue/cyan in the shadows. I have received a box of 40 100ft spools. Only the spools on the outside had a visible exposure, the x-ray had exposed the box from the short side and not penetrated more than one row.

Anyway, exposure is cumulative and each pass adds something.

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