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Damian Tyler

Nizo s800 on tripod

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Hi, I could do with a bit of advice from the experienced super 8 hands. I bought a Nizo s800 a couple of weeks ago. Cosmetically it's in great condition, and all functions work properly. I've shot a cartidge of Tri X which I'm eagerly waiting to get back from processing. In the main I'm very happy with the camera, but it has a couple minor niggles, mainly down to inadequate research  by myself, not problems with this specific camera. Firstly, not being able to see the image and the light meter readout in the viewfinder at the same time is a bit irritating, but I can live with it. Should have  bought the 801. Secondly, I'd assumed that as Nizos have fold-back grips, and a tripod socket on the body of the camera, that I could use it on a tripod with the grip folded back. But no, of course, this disconnects the batteries. Apparently only the Professional will run like this. I understand that back in the day you could get a power pack, and I'm assuming that with this connected to the camera it would run with the body screwed to  a tripod (?). I've not seen one of these for sale though, or at least not on its own, just with camera packages. Is there any other way around this issue? I could of course just connect the tripod to the grip, but I'd rather avoid this if possible. Any advice would be appreciated.

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It's a bit inelegant, but a lot of S8 cameras have the bush on the end of the grip, so it's manageable.

Otherwise it wouldn't be too difficult to make up a battery holder with 6 AAs and solder on a lead and connector if you're handy with a soldering iron.

Something like this


Looks like that 9V connector is a bit unusual, though.

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There is indeed an adapter kit from Nizo which brings a cable to connect the battery box outside or in the swung back grip. You need boxes which have pointy contact with a rim near their base for that.

Then there is a replacement plate to swap with the standard to receive the tripod screw and to fix the camera in a more stable position to your tripod head 🙂

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Thanks guys. If I can get hold of one of the Nizo kits that would probably work best. If not I'll try to lash up something with one of the battery boxes you suggest Mark. Might look a bit makeshift but should work OK.

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