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Hi All!


I posted my concern in another section without relpy, so here with go again! Perhaps this is the appropriate subsection. I have a tap on my SR3 that I believe is in need of repair, and I was hoping someone could point me int he right direction. 

I have a CEI Color Six Tap on my SR3. I am only seeing a black signal outputted to the monitor. When I hold a flashlight to the subject in front of the lens I am able to see some sort of image, but still a very dark and odd looking one. I know this is very little information, but I was hoping to learn if others have any suggestions, or can even offer any reliable repairmen. I called Duall who stated that repairs may cost as much as buying a new HD tap that is being designed by one of their employees (~2k if I recall correctly. Although I believe that number is not an exact quote as of yet). I am not looking for HD output specifically. I am fine with the SD tap and would love to get it up and running if possible, and within an affordable range I hope! Thank you! 


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Have you followed all the set up procedures as detailed in the manual? Things like focus and iris settings?

Is it like this:


Diagnosing this sort of vague issue is virtually impossible.. is the monitor compatible, are the settings correct, cables ok, tap set up correct, do you have a split prism diverting some light from the viewfinder etc?

If it’s an electrical fault with the tap itself you’re probably better off sourcing another one.


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Thank you for the response Dom. I believe all internal and external settings are set as described in the manual. I used an appropriate external monitor for testing. Additionally the Color Six also uses its own monitor to project the image. Both the onboard and external monitor showed the same image, and on both output A & B. I suppose I have nothing to lose by having someone local inspect the electronics for me, but it sounds like I may need to consider finding another tap. Thank you again. 

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