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I've recently acquired a Cartoni Beta fluid head from a production company and it has many miles on it. I noticed the tilt action (fluid and spring) has "play" or an "air gap". As I tilt, say up, then turn to go back down, there is a small gap in the transision. It's slight but noticable enough to make a shot jerk during an innapropriate time. Pan is fine.

I've never encountered a fluid head with this before. Is this inherent of the Cartoni Beta? And most importantly, how do I get this fixed?


Stephen Sanchez

Commercial Cinematographer in Tampa FL 

Edited by Stephen Sanchez

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I haven't worked on Cartoni heads, but in other heads play like that is often due to wear which requires replacement parts. Given that these heads are long discontinued, a repairer may find it hard to source parts. You could try asking somewhere like Visual Products, but I suspect it might be easier to just invest in another head. I don't think these are very expensive heads are they? I don't know if a newer Cartoni head will fit to the same tripod, or if you need to replace the whole thing.

It's worth checking that the play isn't simply a loose fitting somewhere, such as where the head mounts to the tripod. Sometimes a loose rosette where the pan handle attaches can feel like play in the head itself. 

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