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Pete Raynell

Alexa Mini 2x Anamorphic for 16:9

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I am shooting a spot shortly on Alexa Mini that we need to deliver in 16:9 prores 25fps.

However I want to shoot with x2 Anamorphic lenses as the director has requested anamorphic flares.

From what I am reading the best way to achieve this for the highest possible resolution is to use the following setting in the mini -

"ProRes 16:9 HD Ana (for situations where the look of anamorphic lenses is desired but the end product is full 16:9 HD without letterboxing)"

Am I correct here?

Or is there another way to do this to achieve higher resolution that 1080 x 1920 by extracting in post from a different anamorphic mode? (from what I've researched I would only gain horizontal resolution and loose vertical if I did this)

Just want a second opinion in case I'm missing something... HD should be fine but I would like a little more resolution where ever I can get it as there is the possibility of some slight post reframing work on this job for match cuts.





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That's the best option for ProRes, yes.

Creating a custom 2x anamorphic 1.78 frameline in Open Gate mode (no ProRes) only gives you slightly more resolution - 1958 horizontal photosites vs 1920.


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Thank you, I don't believe open gate will work as we need to deliver in ProRes, though the Arri frame composer tool does show an open gate pro res option for Open Gate 4:3 2.8K in ProRes. I thought open gate was only applicable to Arri Raw recording? or is this something new?

We also need to be able to output the desquezed image from camera to monitor, so not sure of this will be an option using those methods.

I now have the option of shooting with the SXT instead of the Mini , what seems like a better option is to shoot in the 6:5 4K Cine Anamorphic 2.0x mode available on the SXT that gives me a 4096 x 1716 image that I can crop the sides off for 16:9 with some wriggle room. I understand the camera is up sampling but it's not an issue for this job.

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