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Super Bright RGB LED bulbs?

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I saw some friends with programmable RGB light bulbs they just had in regular home sockets. I thought they were the greatest thing ever with the exception of their lumen output.

Obviously the industry standard cinema version of these would be Arri Skypanels, but I feel like there's a middle ground somewhere I'm completely missing?

If I want a brighter version of those programmable bulbs, or maybe just a cheaper version of a fully customizable color tone fixture, what would be the first things to look at?


Thanks as always.

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Has anyone used the Luxli Timpani or Dracast 728 RGBW LED panels?

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Aputure will be releasing their RGB LED light soon which mimics the Arri Skypanel with colour selection and built in lighting effects and it is said to be slightly brighter than the 30-C. You may want to look in to this as it will be less expensive that the Arri Skypanels (think they will sell around 1,400-1,600 USD but worth looking it up).


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Yes exactly the Apture 'RC RGB' lights, they look great. They would be a handy addition to using alongside a background or accent light with coloured gels or an RGB LED. They also charge in the light socket and can then run wirelessly after that (minimum 20 hours - maximum 100min). So handy if you want to throw in practicals into your frame and either can't run its wire long enough to reach into your frame properly OR you want to avoid wires running through the frame.

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Update: Tried out, and returned, the Dracast 728 RGBW panel. It's color mode is maybe only effective up to about 4 feet away. After that loses serious punch.

Also thanks for the RC RGB tip!

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