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Roger Alexander

Creating Gradient on Cyc Wall?

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I want to create a sunset gradient on a white cyc wall for a shoot in 3 days and looking for advice on how to do so.


Either red, orange, yellow link the picture in the link or maybe orange and white.

My two thoughts were:

1.) Get a skypanel s60, cover the top half of the panel with an orange gel and leave the bottom half exposed shining white light. Will this give me a gradient on the wall or a hard line? If I want to do the 3 color gradient, Ill cut strips equal strips of red, orange and yellow and shine white light through it

2.) My other idea was to get an empty 4x4 frame, cut the golored gel strips and clamp to that frame and shine a bright light through the geled frame. Another variation would be to add diffusion to the inside of the frame, but I assume that will spread my light too much and i'll lose the gradient effect. 

Thought on these methods?

Any other ideas I should try out?

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Use a point source fixture, not a skypanel or anything diffused. You'll have to experiment with placements to achieve the effect you want. Another option would be to produce a slide with the exact coloration you want and use it in a Leko or project an image file with a projector. 

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