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Tom Yanowitz

IKEA FLOALT on a stand

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I'm suprised no one mentioned these lights so far on this forum. For their price they produce a quality soft light !

They exist in 60x60, 90x30, and 30x30cm

I recommend !

But not being dedicated film lights they're not easy to put on a stand. Any creative electrician here could help me out on what kind of stand/accessory I could buy to be able to orient them as I wish easily (including "tilting" up and down) ?

I have the 60x60cm version that weighs a good 5.3kg (almost 12 pounds).

Here are some pictures of what they look like from behind.





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That sort of thing is pretty available at quite low prices.


Search for "LED panel" followed by the size. 600x600 is common, 300x300 is common, I've also seen 300x1200 which approximates the size and shape of a four-foot fluorescent tube. I think the Ikea one has remote control if you value it.

They're generally a lot cheaper than the Ikea price; they're just LED ceiling panels for offices and shops. They were used quite heavily in a drama I wrote about called Critical (click for article based on interview with DP Tim Palmer, BSC, click here for trailer; look at the top of the walls behind people for a cyanish light panel.) Here they used the "cool white" option which tends to read cyan. The same show also used a movie-lighting LED panel called VersaTile, which is basically the same thing, just driven with better LEDs, and which reads correctly.

The problem, as ever, is that the colour quality isn't likely to be great. This is something that they used for effect on Critical, where they were after a sort of cool clinical blue glow, but you might want to be a bit careful. Happily modern LEDs are getting better and better, but most of these panels will not be great. They may also flicker, especially when dimmed.


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