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Hi guys, im new here, and i'd like some advice. 

I own a Canon 6d + 24-105mm, and i'm going to shoot a music video for a hip hop/trap artist.

I've only shot a hardcore punk music video, and it was very fast paced and with several cuts. This time it seems to be different. Upon searching references, such as Post Malone, Travis Scott, etc, most, if not all videos rely heavily on slow motion scenes. Even the song the artist sent me is much calmer and sort of romatic than the others. But since the 6d can't shoot faster than 30fps at 1080p (if can with magic lantern, but the tests i made didn't turn up so good), i'm looking for alteranatives, and i strongly believe that the lack of resources boosts creativity and this might just allow me to create something different (I'm thinking different cuts, camera movements, etc)

For instance, the artist want a scene with a woman in a white wolf mask at the beach at nightfall, kind of abstract, symbolic. And unfortunetely i can only thing of this in slow motion, but i'm sure it's just that i can find the right inspiration. I've been searching for movie scenes and music videos that could inspire me to have more ideas, and honestly i feel like slow motion is overrated and overused these days in music videos, so i'd like to move away from that but still keep this sort of poetic, emotional, abstract feel.

Could you guys share some videos, scenes, thoughts, techniques and ideas that could work in a more symbolic and meatphorical scenario? I'll keep reading the forum and searching for more inspiration, but on google it's hard to find anything that DOESN'T involve slow motion when i search this subject.

Thanks in advance!



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"Fake" slow mo can be made in post.. adding frames I believe .. but it never looks exactly the same.. TBH if might be time to up grade your camera to one that can over crank up to 50/60/100/120 frames.. eg A7III is not that expensive and has good video features .. or fs5/C100 video cameras.. your going to have to do it sooner than later ..

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Yeah, i'm thinking the same,  but switching cameras would take a while. I'll figure something out for now, but yes, it'll be inevitable. Thanks!

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Some ideas:

Shoot at 12fps and double every frame in post so you get a staccato juddery look -it can look trippy if you add a slow shutter speed for lots of motion blur, Wong Kar Wai uses put the effect to good use: 

Or stop motion with people:


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