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Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Genderqueer: Transvestites, Crossdressers & Femboys

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This is  clip from 'Genderqueer ' - a 60 min social documentary experimental film I made from Instagram on the gender busting revolution.

The film has 6 sections:

'Drag Queens'

'Transvestites, Crossdressers & Femboys'

'Transition' (MTF)

'Transmen' (FTM)


'Disciples of Androgyne'

Back in the day I didn’t know any better, so I lumped drag queens, transvestites and transgender devotees all into one pile. I think every gender bender, whatever their end goal is, started out as a cross dresser to get a taste of being a woman. As I did some homework on the subject I could see that a 'T gal' is very different from your garden variety transvestite / drag queen / cross dresser.

A true T gal has put in a lot of time, money and energy transitioning in various degrees from male to female. She grows plump breasts and womanly nipples from taking HRT and sometimes supplements them with breast implants. She loses muscles, develops hips and soft, hairless skin. Her voice may change and some have painful surgery for cosmetic reasons and to remove the penis and replace it with a vagina. Gender bending all starts with a little pill nowadays. Or for 'female to male' it is injections.

Here is a list of areas the transwoman works on:

Self-esteem / Self-acceptance
Coming out
Social adaption
Hair removal
Voice training
Socialization as female
Hormone therapy
Hair removal
Wardrobe replacement
Future employment prospects
Sex Reassignment Surgery
Legal / Name change / Gender marker change

Whereas, the only work the transvestite / drag queen / cross dresser does is to put on some women’s clothes, false breasts, hip pads and makeup. For female to male it is the opposite of what the transwoman does in some cases.  Now, I'm no expert on all this, but this is my take on the gender benders of 2019.


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