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Phil Connolly

Vertical Anamorphic

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Just spotted this on the cooke website:


Very unique look by having the anamorphic lens stretch vertically. I'd be keen to try this on my next short, since I'm looking for a different texture and conventional anamorphic is getting a bit ubiquitous. If done on a 4K or 6K camera you'd still have a decent amount of resolution to work with even if you cropped down to 1.85 or 2.39... enough for a 2K finish anyways...

hmmmm interesting

Any one else done something similar?

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This is what I'm doing right now.

I'm using my Kinefinity Mavo LF with anamorphic projection lens turn the unconventional way.

I'm preparing a music video shot like this and it is kind of a new way to frame the picture. Imust admit that I quite like it.

Fortunately, the Mavo LF has an vertical internal desqueeze for experimentation like this and it helps a lot.

I did a tes with a Kowa 8Z and an Helios 44-2 58mm as taking lens, here the results.

Anamorphic 2x conventional:


Anamorphic 2x unconventional (horizontal desqueeze):


SPherical Version:


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I've actually ended up doing this with my Isco Ultra Star by complete accident when I was recording some short test footage with it for the first time. I had my DSLR cropped to 4:3 and didn't pay proper attention to how I aligned the lenses so at the end of the night when I loaded the footage into Resolve and de-squeezed it, I had a good laugh after realizing I essentially created the dreaded "vertical-recording iPhone" look.

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