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Aaron Martin @ OH

Going From Reversal Source to a Print

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I think I remember the analog workflow for going for creating a work or release prints from a reversal source, but I'm posting here to double check:

- start with camera original 

- create internegative

- strike work print from internegative

- match back to internegative and conform for release prints

or I could

- edit camera original (with glue)

- create internegative from edited footage for printing


Is that correct?


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One problem with cutting the internegative is that you can only get polyester base stock. Splicing is only via ultrasonic splicers, not known for high quality splices.

The alternative is to use pull-processed and pre-flashed camera stock such as 7203 or 7213.

Note: the current 'official' internegative also benefits from preflashing and pull process.



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Still another way was via reverse prints off the original. Unfortunately some corresponding stocks have been discontinued some years ago, Eastman direct music preparatory film 5360/7360 and Eastman reversal black and white print film 7361. X360 didn’t afford the image quality of 7361. Both were on a colourless TAC base.

If you have microfilm reverse duplicating film perforated, you can go this route. All microfilms are on polyester base.

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