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Sam Petty

Thoughts on BMPCC4K

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Any thoughts on bmpcc4k? It’s my main choice for my A cam and want final thoughts before I go all in. Like a better option or something else that would be better. Cause it seems like a clear choice. I will be doing docs, nature shots, short films, comedy’s, and things like that so I need something hat preforms in low light but does not have to be a total low light beast. 

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Metal on the bottom gets so hot I can't hold it. But it would probably be shoulder-rigged anyway so it's fine.

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If you first plan your lens and accessorie and power choices carefully and can manage with the storage space requirements for the material you should be fine. You are planning very varied uses for the single camera system so you may need multiple lens options. For example nature shots often rely on longer focal lenght zooms whereas documentaries need wide and mid range zooms and the music videos and short films may benefit from fast primes. You can build up your inventory little by little so will need to think what youll want to do first and foremost and start from there. If its docs for example you may want to look for some of the better Lumix zooms whereas for music videos and shorts you may start with a basic speedbooster and affordable manual primes. For example the Nikon ai-s and pentax super takumar lenses tend to have very good mechanics for indie use though the focal lenghts and apertures may limit you a bit. The ais can be declicked relatively easily if needed

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I've had a BMPCC4K for a few months now. Bang for the buck, it's an incredible camera.

My minor gripes: I occasionally see some strobing with some non-pro light sources (assuming this is because of the rolling shutter), batteries don't last long (I'm eventually going to get a more heavy-duty power source), and the LCD is hard to see in bright daylight (though no harder to see than most other LCDs). Also, last I checked, the raw data recording options aren't compatible with Adobe, so I've been shooting ProRes (which looks pretty great).

But you would have some of those same issues with other cameras that cost a lot more. I'd been shooting video on a Canon 7D for years, and the BMPCC4K was the camera that finally got me to retire the 7D and start shooting 4K.

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