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Fabrice Ducouret

Anamorphic lens diagram

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As a project to create a lens within a 3D program, I would love to create a physically accurate (single focus, i.e. cooke, hawk etc) anamorphic lens to play with it in the 3D space.

Are there diagrams for single-focus anamorphic lenses that are openly available?

It would also be interesting for me as I would love to understand better how they work.

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I have seen Lomo anamorphic diagrams somewhere available. Cant remember the exact site, might be olex services or konvas.org... 

One of the ways of doing a front anamorphic attachment is to stack two cylindrical elements back to back with small air gap betweeb them and then attach a spherical correction lens or two in front of or behind them to correct the focus shift. The curvature and spacing of the two cylindrical surfaces control the anamorphic compression ratio. The whole package is attached in front of a spherical takeup lens and some type of dual focus mechanism is attached to adjust both the ttakeup lens focus and the attachment focus at the same time in correct relation to each other.

Othet designs as well. The above mentioned being one the simplest one possible with usable results because of the possibility to use normal spherical lens for takeup so less things to modify

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Check out Olex services webpage, he services lenses in the Ukraine and specializes in Limo lenses including anamorphic. I believe he has diagrams for just about every lomo anamorphic lens ever made in his site.

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