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Changing Filmo 70DR/DL/DA/E/A shutter angle

Philip Forrest

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Hello, it's my first post here but I've lurked for about a year now. 

I love the Filmo 70 series and because of a few generous friends, and a charity shop, I now have four of them. A 70A, E, DL and DR. I only shoot silent so I'm limited to a relatively slow shutter speed. I currently have a 2 stop green gel behind the lens in my DL and a 2 stop ND gel in my DR. I would really love to not have to use filtration though but since Eastman 7222 and 7266 are both high speed, I am still limited to f/11-f/22 here in the summer sun.

So, has anyone ever changed the shutter angle of the Filmo to effectively cut the exposure? To do this, the angle would probably have to be equally decreased at both curtain open and close, instead of just one side, which would be easier but lead to uneven exposure.

I would love to take on this project and I'm hoping someone out there has either successfully made it happen or got far in their attempt. If we could only get Kodak to produce a 50 ISO stock!

Thanks all,

Phil Forrest

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There are no curtains. The Filmo 70s have a rotary disc shutter that’s not easily changed. It’s not impossible but a major job. The shutter blade is caulked within the claw-shutter drive assembly.

If you really have enough or even too much light, it could be worth a try to buy some Eastman 7234 from a lab that still has it. FilmoTec might sell Orwo DN 2 in 16, a minimum quantity might be mandatory there, I don’t know. Both these stocks are panchromatically sensitized and of a soft contrast.

Gigabitfilm was a ISO 40 panchromatic negative stock on a colourless polyester base. I could revive this, minimum purchase is 6,000 ft, though. The new name would be Europan. You get Harman to produce Ilford Pan F plus before Rochester sits from one ass cheek onto the other.

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Yes, I know there are no curtains, I'm just using the terminology of still cameras which I've used for thirty years. 

I've had all my Filmos completely apart and overhauled them. I need to find a shutter blade shaft from a wrinkled or jammed shutter then use that as the base for my mod. 

I love using the Kodak stocks mostly because my student discount makes film almost affordable but also because I love the look of 5222/7222. I've been using it in Nikons and a Leica for maybe fifteen years. Aside from Tri X 35mm still film, the bulk loaded 5222 is all I shoot. And it's cheap!

I could just buy a Bolex too... but I don't want to open that can of worms.


Phil Forrest 

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On a related topic; I'm curious if anyone shares the opinion that the extra-wide shutter of the Filmo (204 degrees vs. the more-or-less normal 180) contributes to a "smearing" of the image? My recollection is that motion blur on Filmo footage has always seemed subtly more prominent.

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