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Adapting Cooke 9-50 2.5t to S16. ideas, input and possible spare parts?

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hi all! 


first of all thanks to everyone for contributing to this wonderful page! i have learned a lot and i am glad to write me first post now 🙂


so. i acquired the zoom with some other s16 lenses and was wondering how i could adapt it to s16. i am aware of the abakus adapter but right now 900 pounds for a new one is sort of the last option for me to consider. i also know that for some it worked out starting from around 15 to 22.

does anyone got some ideas ? maybe a broken 10.5-52 or a used abakus adapter set (guess not)?!

maybe some magic technician?

i am open for ideas, besides selling it and saving up for the 10.5-52  😄


love and funny shadows


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