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Ruotsalainen Werner

Rarity: Fomachrom DS8 box + manual + envelope scans

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I've, along with another Bolex H8 DS8 conversion, just received 12 boxes of 7.5m Fomachrom DS8 films manufactured in the former Czechoslovakia in 12/1993. They're based on the classic Agfa emulsion. (Which I BTW like very much as its colors don't fade over time, unlike those of, say, Agfa's new emulsions or, even more regretfully, non-Kodachrome Kodak emulsions.)

Unfortunately, every single roll is completely useless as they're deeply molded (in their original canister too...). Nevertheless, I've scanned the boxes + the Czech-only manual + the bilingual (Czech + English) envelope. Here's the album:

2019/07/22, Fomachrom MD17 2*7.5m DS8 boxes + inlay

Incidentally, 51.50 German DM (their original price as can be seen on some of the boxes) in 1993 is about 39eur now so it wasn't particularly cheap back in the day even if you factor in the free development (the stamp needed to be provided by the client; it wasn't prepaid). 

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Unfortunately you won't be seeing those lovely colours because the process is obsolete!

Are you sure that price is in DM? I was only paying 11GBP for K40 in 1996. Applying your inflation factor that would be under €20 now. 51.50DM would have been over 20GBP then.

Could it be Czech crowns? There is a space for Kcs on the box.

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Some people are playing with old chemistry recipes to process ancient Orwo film and such. This might work here too. If the films weren't too badly stored 😞


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