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Philip Forrest

70HR/KRM info, instruction manual, tips

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I just scored yet another Filmo, this time a 70KRM. Camera is complete with the cover plate for the magazine port and the correct door. I have pleny of lenses and viewfinder objectives, but I will be searching for 400ft magazines and all the bits that allow shooting this camera with this much film. I can't find a manual or a list of parts which I'll need to use the bigger magazines. I've read here that the spring motor has enough power to drive the 400ft takeup but I'll be needing a few other parts to make this happen. I'm also hoping to rig up an adjustable speed cordless screwdriver to the motor port so I'm not limited to shooting tethered to a wall by a cord.

Any tips for collecting all the pieces of this kit or for using would be awesome.

Thanks all,

Phil Forrest

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You need and endless coil spring (B. & H. call it spring belt), they are commonly with the mags. Mags must have the attaching screw. Inside you have daylight spools or darkroom loads on core, for the latter you need intermediate hubs between spool shaft and film core. The 70-DL manual says: “An electric motor is necessary for magazine operation, as the spring motor is not so designed.” Next item is the loading clip to depress the plunger and hold the film valves open.

The motors run off 12 Volt direct current, so you can connect it to any such energy source. Very rarely you encounter a 110 Volt motor, rather if a Filmo was used for TV shoots, it’ll then be a synchronous machine on 60 cycles per second alternating current.

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Posted (edited)

The 70-KRM arrived today and is in better condition than I thought it would be in. It pulls a full 22 feet per wind, runs about 55 seconds at 16 frames/sec. It is either a modified 70-H with the shutter and geared turret assembly from a HR/KRM added or it is the latter camera with sprockets for 2R film. The shutter and gate are HR/KRM as they only have one pulldown claw. I bought it knowing that it was modifiied at some point but a few of these modifications are baffling to me.

I'm including links to photos of the inside of the camera, the mod to the door inside as well as the 5-pin connector and the plate which reads "Triad Model 619B..." There are two rollers inside which prevent use of a 100ft reel. The camera came with a 50ft reel inside as well as a weird special purpose lens adapter which ads a crosshair reticle between a C mount lens and the camera itself. All of the speeds below 32 frames/sec have been run through and seem really close. The film counter works well and can be reset correctly. I didn't receive any magazines with this camera but I'll be shopping for them later. I do have a question of how the magazine spring belt is looped around the drive wheel on the camera though.





Any insight or tips are always appreciated.

Thanks all,

Phil Forrest

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