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Arri Alexa EV Plus Camera Package $7395

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Previously loved and fully tricked out Arri Alexa Plus package for sale.
This is our last one in house, so you get all the extra goodies bundled with it.
This Alexa has treated us incredibly well for the past 8 years.
It's still hard to beat that ALEV III imager we all know and love.
This camera has relatively low hours and significant cosmetic wear.

Alexa Plus 16:9 SN# 3172, 3737 Hours and still running strong! $7395.00
Highspeed and Anamorphic Desqueeze License Installed.

PL Mount , Anton Bauer Gold Mount w/ Quad PT Sandwich Plate 
Ten 32GB SxS Pro Cards
SBAC US10 SxS Card Reader

EVF-1 SN# 3315 w/ VMB-1 EVF Mount 
2x Short, 2x Medium, & 1x Long Length EVF Cable!

BP-13 15mm Bridgeplate and BP-12 19mm Bridgeplate 
Arri Dovetail
BPA-1 Bridge Plate Adapter
WA-1 Wedge Adapter
Shoulder Pad 
Top Handle w/ HEB-2 Handle Extension Block 
LB-1 Leveling Block

Steadicam Low Mode Plate!

2 Pin Fischer 24V Power Cable 
5 Pin Male to 2x 3 Pin Female Audio Input Cable
Alexa Ethernet Cable

A&J Custom Foamed Shipping Case


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