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Adam Page

Canon 1014 auto zoom

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Hey there,

just wondering if anyone here has experience with the Canon 1014 AZ super 8?


I have recently come across one and everything seems to work, except the automatic light metre. Is there anyway to fix this, either myself or professionally ?


thanks in advance 

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Repairing the light meter in that Super 8mm camera or any Super 8mm camera is a task only for experienced camera repair technicians, and even then, many would only bother doing this repair IF parts are available (old new stock or broken cameras to salvage parts from), and/or it's only certain cameras, since the more valuable ones are truly only worth the high cost of repair.  That all being said, have you double checked that the meter batteries are good and that the contacts for the meter batteries are free of corrosion?   Does the manual aperture setting function work?  If so, you can always then just use the camera in manual mode and not worry about having the Auto exposure work.  These old CANON Super 8mm cameras were well made, and often it's something little.  Another thing to check is the plastic strip on the front of the camera near the name plate, this is a 'window' for the exposure scale, and if it has come loose, it will hit the needle and prevent the needle from displaying the aperture setting as well as block the galvanometer to which it is attached from working.  If it's fallen in a little, usually because the old cement holding it in place has dried crumbled/failed after over 40 years!.......you can just pull it back out with some tape, and then carefully glue it in place via putting some glue around the piece and allowing the tape to hold it in place.  If it's in too far to use tape, you'll have to get creative and make up a tool with something very tacky on the end, such as FunTac or similar to pull it back into position.  This is all to avoid having to open up the camera to properly repair it.....and that is quite an involved task, again, not for a novice unless you don't mind risking losing the camera altogether.  This workaround can work in some cases. 

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