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Marko Steinberg

Kinoptik Paris 50mm - Looking for more info about this lens

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Hi everyone.


I managed to acquire an old Arriflex 16 camera with a full 3 lens set for the turret. However the package also included this lens and I cannot seem to find any information about it online. It looks like there are many different versions of the lens with the same name but none of them look remotely similar to the one I got. On the inside, the markings are as following: Fulgior Kinoptik Paris f:1.3 Focale 50mm No. 21871. 

If you know anything about this lens, please do let me know. 




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Well that’s a nice find!

A very rare lens in Cameflex (Eclair) mount, a high speed version of Kinoptik’s Apochromat line. (Kinoptik Paris is the company, Fulgior is the name of the design family, though it seems only a 35mm for 16mm format and a 50mm for 35mm format were ever made.) Probably dates from the 50s or 60s. According to Kingslake, an unsymmetrical double Gauss design, like Cooke Speed Panchros, Zeiss Biotars or Kodak Ektars.

Here’s a Kinoptik price list from 1980 which only has the f/1.3 50mm available in basic barrel mount, without an aperture and described only as an Apochromat, for about half the price of the more famous Kinoptik 9.8mm:


You’ve probably seen some of the crazy prices people are asking for versions of this lens. It appears to be a bit of a collector’s piece. Very fast vintage lenses often have a mesmerising appeal to collectors and photography nuts who like their funky image quality when used wide open, but the prices often have little correlation with actual quality. Kinoptik did make some rather nice lenses however, so it could be fun to give it a whirl before putting it up for auction. These lenses often get sold at proper antique auction houses rather than just eBay.

Let us know how much it went for if you do sell it!

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Dom, your knowledge never fails to impress me! I really do appreciate all the info. 

As much as I would like to test it out, it seems I don't have the means to do so at the moment. I wish I have seen some prices this type of lens went for, however as I said, I couldn't find absolutely anything about it, including ebay auctions. The lens it self is not in the best of condition I'm afraid, so even if I do end up selling it, I doubt it will go for much. But I will let you know if I do so. 

Once again, I really appreciate the help!

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Well there’s this:



More realistically, a 50mm f/2 Apochromat in Arri Standard mount sold in an auction in July after 33 bids for $2550. Bear in mind the f/1.3 version is far rarer and more collectable.

It might be worth sending to TLS or similar to see if they can clean it up if it’s in poor condition.

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Hello Marko,  I just saw this thread...  Nice lens indeed ! Funny you should have had it bundled with an Arri camera when a CA lens can't even be adapted to an Arri camera (while the reverse its possible).

I have an unmarked Kinoptik lens which I believe is similar to yours (it's unmarked) and I was wondering whether you still had yours because I would like to compare the size of the front and back lens.

Would you have a moment to measure them for me ?

Thanks !


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