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F/S Aaton LTR S16 w/Color Video Tap

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USED Aaton LTR7 camera package
Aaton LTR7 (# C491) Super 16 body, Aaton (AA) lens mount.  Modified with color video tap (NTSC composite analog video), cables
Aaton walnut handgrip
ICE Film 15mm accessory support rods with hand grip mount.
3 x 400' LTR film magazines
Media Logic Xtal speed control (.001 fps accuracy)
Aaton to Arri bayonet lens mount adapter
2x Aaton 12vdc on board batteries (newly refurbished with Ni-Cad cells)
1x PAG mini charger (single channel charger)

Lenses not included.

Price: US$ 3600.00 or best offer >>>PHOTOS

USED Camera Accessories (optional)
Aaton 200mm eyepiece extension, exc. condition: $ 450.00
NP-1 Battery system: Custom Aaton to NP-1 on board battery adapter (w/LEMO 6-pin accessory power tap), PAG 4-place NP-1 charger (NO Batteries - best to purchase new). Price: $ 350.00
Sachtler 7+7  V18 "Caddy" fluid head with 2-stage carbon-fiber legs, floor spreader, padded road bag: $ 2495.00
Preston Micro Force zoom  control w/hand controller (V+F), Y-cable, Heden motor, Oppenheimer panhandle mount: $ 1650.00
Chrosziel matte box 2-stage 4x4 : $ 350.00
Chrosziel LW follow focus (single sided): $ 300.00

USED Optics:
Canon 11.5-138mm T2.6 S16 zoom lens (Aaton mount) incl. factory 4x4 filter holder/sunshade: $ 3900.00 (disc. when packaged w/camera) >>PHOTO

Zeiss 12-120mm T2.4 zoom lens (Arri B mount, use with Arri B to Aaton adapter incl. w/camera): $ 3200.00 (disc. when packaged w/camera) 

Zeiss/Angenieux/Kinoptik Lens Package: Zeiss S16 super speeds: 9.5, 12, 16, 25mm T1.3/B mount & aftermarket focus gears, Angenieux 17.5-70mm T2.4 S16 zoom lens Aaton mount, Kinoptik 5.7mm T2.3 super wide angle S16 lens Arri std/Aaton adapter incl. + Aaton to Nikon lens mount adapter (for telephotos longer than 75mm). Ang. zoom is in average shape, all  other lenses in very good to exc. condition: $ 5900.00 for the whole kit (disc. when packaged with camera).

Charles Pickel

Serious Gear Co. 






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Adding additional on-board batteries and another single channel charger to Aaton LTR camera package. Mk-I speeds also will come with series 9 filters and retainers for each lens. This is a thoughtfully put-together kit. Chrosziel matte box also has a special circular tray for S9 filters in addition to a pair of 4x4" trays (one rotating). Thanks !

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Photos of Zeiss/Kinoptik/Angenieux lens package. Note: Zeiss primes fitted with thread-in Series 9 adapters. Will include a bunch of various S9 filters.. 17.5-70 in Aaton mount. Aaton to Nikon adapter included if purchased with camera listed above.



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