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Max Hall

1 Minute Action Film - Feedback welcome.

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This is a one minute short film, shot on an iPhone. I chose to shoot on an iPhone for the sake of the story, and it turned out to be an interesting experiment. Visually, the film is comprised of two uninterrupted shots that play simultaneously - which was another interesting challenge.

I'd love to hear how this little film comes across to you guys. Do you think it works? Positive or negative feedback is welcome. Thanks for watching!


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It's amazing what you can do in 60 seconds, huh?

The only critiques I could offer is that it might be more natural for the camera/phone to fall at a more awkward angle  at :21, and there's not much motivating your lead male to pick up the camera at :35. Perhaps it could get kicked into the next position during the struggle. 

And I can't think of why a guy would drop his gun to punch a guy on the ground.  

Still, nice job!

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The concept you had for this 1 minute short is very strong, the issues were in the technical realism:

-Frame rate was way too high for an online video call
-Digital distortions blatantly looked like filters
-The ADR was recorded too close to the mic and failed to match the distance
-SFX had similar issue
-No one would try to pick up their phone and frame it on the face perfectly in the middle of an assault
-No one would say "please" when telling someone to get out of their house
-Acting in general, but we don't all have the budget for Robert Downy Jr.

I bullet point these out because if you nailed the realism this would be doing millions online and winning awards at many festivals. You had the right idea, executing it is part 2.

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Sorry, gratuitous violence doesn't get me. Could be a cultural thing- we don't have a lot of violent crime and even fewer firearms.

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