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Shooting on print films color and b&w

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Hi all. I've got questions Kodak couldn't answer and my labs neither.
I have a project upcoming, I want to shoot the flashback scenes on print stock. Rather the 2383 for color, and 2302 for b&w.
The reason of this is taking advantage of the unique look of these stocks, meaning High contrast and ultra sharp image. I know I will be rating the film around 6 asa.
The thing is, in Europe, we principally process color negative in ECN-2. I was wondering what will come out if I process the 2302 normally processed in D97 with ECN2 and the 2383 normally processed with ECP-2D with ECN2 ? 

With the 2383, I know here in Paris experimental labs did process it in ECN-2, and it came out good, how can we explain this technically ? Did it pollute the baths ? And what about the 2302 ?

Thanks for you kind advices.

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According to this


the only difference between the neg and print processes is the first developer temperature. So labs should be able to cope.

D-97 as a print developer is more contrasty than a neg developer, but presumably you'll be able to deal with that in post if you're not printing.

I have no experience with either BTW.


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Main difference between colour originating and print stocks is that print films have no masks. They need to be exposed rather precisely by balanced red, green, and blue light to respond with correct colours. It means that mixed light conditions with a scene or a gel coloration will throw you off distinctly. If that is what you want, good. I should have a pos stock processed ECP.

Black and white is simpler but more complicated. Haha. The complication comes from the sensitivity only for short wavelength light, ultraviolet, violet, and blue. Green through red underexposed. X302 in ECN first developer works well. Question is, do you want the film to be bleached as being part of the process?

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Hi guys, thanks for your answers. I would prefer shooting 2302 black and white then 2383 color. So if I understand, there is no problem processing 2302 in ECN-2 ? It will not pollute the baths ? 

The film can be bleached, It does not really matter, I want it to be as simple as possible for the lab and me.

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Not exactly, a bleach bath converts silver atoms to soluble compounds. A succeeding clear bath dissolves those. You’re right inasmuch the bleached image will be dissolved out entirely by the fixing bath.

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You are right, I simplified a bit, but the result is the same.

I also wonder if the B&W positive stock is going to survive the 41.1°C temperature of the ECN2 developer.

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