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Has anyone ever shot on EASTMAN High Contrast Positive Film II 7363?

brandon kaufman

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Not a DP but a director. I'm shooting a short at the end of the month on 16mm, and 400' of this stock is alluringly cheap. Has anyone used it before? 

If it's blue-sensitive B&W, is it possible to shoot indoors? That's probably a dumb question but are there any workarounds? I'm a student and my DP is too (they don't have much experience with film but hey, should be fun). Ideally trying to get something like a Cassavetes film. Hoping someone has some tips or advice!

Thanks so much!

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Hi Brandon, 

It's been quite a while, but I've shot hi-con in the past.  It is sensitive mainly to the blue part of the spectrum, with just a little green sensitivity. 

From what I remember, the dynamic range is very limited, and the effective speed was around ISO 10 or 12.  (Yes, two digits.)

You could use an HMI or other daylight-balanced source to film indoors, but it would need to be a very powerful source to get correct exposure, which would probably negate the cost savings from the stock. 

No such thing as a free lunch, unfortunately. 


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I just started to do some experimenting with Agfa ST9 stock and Konvas camera. It is one of those very high contrast stocks as well but more balanced spectral sensitivity. Just shot some tests at 12 ISO and it works reasonably well. If it's not bright direct sunlight I need to shoot almost wide open outside in the middle of the day  so it may not be the best idea to try to shoot the stuff inside with any type of artificial lighting... the dynamic range is also extremely small which complicates lighting even more

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