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Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Can this reel be animated and how much does it cost?

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Film is NSFW

At the beginning of this film is a rusty film reel. (@22 sec.)  I have a hi-res jpeg scan of it. Scan is way above 4K res. Can the reel be made to slowly revolve on its axis or move around slowly as a reel normally moves? I only have 1 photo of it. If it can't be made to revolve and can only spin I may want 2 versions. One slowly spinning and 1 picking up speed as it spins. (That is the problem when you can't do things yourself. You don't know what you want until you see it.) 

If so, where do you go to get this work done and how much does it cost?

I want a 4K AVI file of it, a few seconds long in animation. I would like to use it as a trademark of sort for my other films. 



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If you're just talking about a rotation that's a very simple After Effects project or almost any NLE can do that with keyframes...

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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "revolve on its axis".  Do you mean like a flipping coin?  If so, that's not going to look right if you only have the one image.  Because of the perspective of the shot, the partial interior parts of the reel that are showing will not move correctly (well, not without a very heavy amount of work involving further art creation).  Although if you just want it flipping around as a billboard, that could be done easily.

Rotation can be done with neary any image manipulation software.  Even just frame by frame, like this:


Depending on how much time you wanted to spend on it, you could set the ramp up in acceleration with as much precision as you wanted.  But, as Will noted, there are programs which have built-in processes for rotation animation.

I wonder, though, if you have considered a lo-fi approach.  Like displaying your image on a tablet with a high resolution (or just a good quality paper print of it), putting it on a turntable and recording the footage above it while you hand-rotate it.  Assuming you want to spend zero dollars and almost as little time and effort.




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Thanks for the replies. Your animation was my second choice Malcom. Very nice.

I was thinking it would be like spinning or revolving a coin on edge, just slow. But if it is $$, then it is out of my budget. 

No, have not considered lo-fi approach. But good idea to try for some things.

I like your animation Malcolm. I will see if my software does it. I have Movavi film editor. When I write the Russians they don't offer much support. If I figure it out I will list you in the credits for technical advisor Malcolm. If you don't want to be mentioned in my films, let me know. They are mostly underground material. And it would not be the first, second or tenth time people don't like to be associated with me, so no problem. 

I also bought a copy of Premier Elements but have not tried it as yet. I wanted to put it on another computer. I've found some of these video software programs clash if on the same computer. I've got a the free DaVinci. But it is too complex for me. 

I didn't know what NLE meant Will. Here is something about it for any of you also in the dark.

Yes, budget is always an issue Malcolm. I work in many areas. It all takes $$ and movies are the most money sucking. 


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