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Light installation artists like James Turrell......

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...so I'm really into James Turrell and his installations etc.....seems like he could have worked as a consultant on the latest Blade Runner film for example.....set creation consultant....lighting consultant for the same......is this person or others like him, associated / used by big productions at all?

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Working with light and lights as objects in an assemblage has been a fun thing for sculptors for a while. Locally famous DoP Leon Narby was a sculptor working with light/installation before he got into film. Our sculpture class in 1981 saw a small exhibition by a then fairly obscure (English?) sculptor. Installations using light generating objects (lights). Notable was a suitcase penetrated by a fluro tube, called "Traveling Light".

I think some of the breakaway sculptors/conceptualists in the early 20th century were into puns. A minefield of nonsense perhaps, that others were compelled to follow. Not "chapeau"

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A lot of people thought the Drake 'Cellphone' Music Video evoked a Turrell feeling.

James Turrell exhibitions imo are so cool. I've seen quite a few Light Sculpture pieces and there's a bunch on instagram, ie #lightart or with events light the copenhagen light festival. Turrell pieces are particularly enjoyable to me because he is creating an experience of mood and colors, not so much about making it about the light. 
But I also enjoyed a piece by a Chinese artist who directly placed fluorescents on stands to make a larger statement. 

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