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Stephen Perera

New threat to film with CT scanners at airports

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So there's a big thread on Photrio formerly APUG to us film photographers about new airport CT scanners.....all stemming from an article from Kosmofoto.....so obviously this impacts us as film shooters....would like to know people's thoughts in here.....


I highlight the following....

The most recent models of non-CT hand luggage scanners in use in most airports are much kinder with film, yielding no discernible results even after a dozen or more scans.


However, more airports are likely to take onboard the new CT scanners because they scan luggage faster – leading to faster queueing at security.




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I've done this half a dozen times, not much more. Once was with super-8!

The least willing people were at LAX, with much grumbling, although they did agree to hand-inspect in the end. Heathrow were downright rude but again, did as they were told in the end.

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I think we are going to have more of an issue in Europe with all this for some reason.....if the airports adapt this CT scan technology then they will be instructed to take no ifs and no buts unless you pre-arrange things.....something i could do if flying from Gibraltar to London for example.....contact the Civil Aviation Authority and go through the hoops

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Some large format guy used to travel with a changing bag so the inspectors could fondle his sheet film in the dark. He allowed 45 minutes extra.

I don't have the personality for it.

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To be honest, if you know you're traveling, and where to, you can always ship the film to your hotel, or some local area, to be picked up and avoid the fondling.

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