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James Gordon

ARRI SR 2 prices?

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Am i tripping?

Web searches show ARRI Sr-2's going for around $3000 around 2016.

I see them now going for nearly $10,000

Is this accurate? If so what is up with that?

Also I am curious if anyone has one for sale or knows of one for sale. 

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I've noticed a bit of this too, but do we know they're actually selling for those prices? People can ask anything. We've all seen things in eBay that are perpetually offered at some price month after month.  

It does seem like there's an upswing in 16mm lately, even more than 35mm, so if demand is up, then so goes the price. 

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At this point in time I think it's worth paying a bit more for complete kits that have been maintained and properly stored. Notice the corrosion all over that ebay listing. Most of the cables are damaged and there is no charger for the on-board batteries that will almost certainly need recelling. Also, with SRs and SR2s the magazines often have deteriorated paint inside the magazines - you can see the whitish surface of the mag platine. The rubberised paint gets sticky and can jam or contaminate the film, often worse when the kit has been poorly stored like this one. My advice would be to avoid this offering (especially at $4K!) and stick to kits that look OK and have been tested. An SR3 would be a better bet if you can afford it, but demand for 16mm cameras seems to be outstripping supply so the prices are going up.

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The prices have skyrockted because there are simply few good ones out there available for sale. 

I'm kinda shocked where they've gone, but hey for us who invested early, we're sitting in the green I guess! 

Ohh and mini's dropped in price because nobody wants 3.8k anymore now that the LF is out. 

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