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ARRI's affordable camera?

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HI to all, just wanna hear your thoughts that's why don't be too sarcastic )

As you know RED is testing and maybe during this year they will introduce most afforbale camera in their product line - KOMODO, which price will be approximately 5000-6000$





So here is the question, is it possible that ARRI's engineers are working or will start to work in nearest future to create affordable camera in their line as well?

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I just don't see that as anywhere near Arri's target market. If they had had any interest in that whatsoever, they would've probably already made an "affordable" camera in the S8mm home-movie days. They have had over 100 years to do such a thing.

The sad truth is, though, that Arri is already incredibly affordable when you realize they are courting properly budgeted productions so that the work their cameras help produce is of a high-caliber which really keeps their image as the top of the line suppliers for professional motion picture work is concerned.

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Years and years ago ARRI was talking about bringing out an affordable "ALEXA Education" camera which was 720P S16 (good for educational institutions which had lots of S16 sitting around unused! And this camera would only be sold to educational institutions).  This camera would be identical to their Alexa Classic cameras, just limited to only doing a smaller 720P cut of their sensor. 

A pity this was never done, as it would have been smart to get young keen students to have lots of hands on experiences with ARRI cameras. As what they start out on, they'll keep on using into the future once graduated as well.

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