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David Grauberger

Underwater shot without housing - using tube/scope ?

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I've got an upcoming underwater shot.  Its a single full shot for the credit roll of 2 characters swimming underwater.   Budgets low to rent a full housing.  I was wondering if theres a probe lens of some sort to get the shot on our "A" cam (Alexa Mini).  Thought I had heard of this but can't recall.  It would need a 90 Degree turn to get the angle I want.  


Any ideas would be great!  I know Laowa makes a macro probe  lens, but Macro wont work for me on this... 

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if there is underwater cinematographers in your area they would have a easy solution for this. would cost something of course but probably not that much. the way you describe it you would most probably manage with some kind of splash bag and swimming on surface with snorkel and mask. generally it does not have to be the same camera than the rest of the movie, underwater shots differ so much from anything else that no one would notice if the camera changes.

maybe you could do something with a large aquarium, don't know. depends a lot on how wide shot you'll want. If it would be tight shot it could be possible to do a "snorkel aquarium" with angled mirror on the bottom and the camera pointed to it from above, could make the operating easier?

it might be possible to tune Laowa to focus to infinity by adding negative lens in front of it. I don't own a probe lens so can't test it but I believe it should be possible. One of the possible issues would be that there tends to be relatively low light levels underwater and adding a very slow probe lens to the equation would not help at all.

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I mean is there a world where you try this for a test on a go-pro really quickly; or similar. The newer ones are pretty ok and you can counteract the wide-angle look as well if you are finishing below 4K ( in camera)

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I've been pretty impressed with the few underwater shots we've done with a GoPro.  It's certainly the easy inexpensive method.

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