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Lighting for a dressing room - Student Film

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Hi there! 

I'm a young student about to start their final film project this year, a music comedy set in a dressing room. Unfortunately our cinematography module did not cover lighting that well.  I'm the DoP on the project and I've always had lots of fun with compositions and movement yet lighting would be my weakness. I've joined the forum recently to gain a better insight from some of you out there that could perhaps offer me some advice/tips.

We've built our set and will be setting it up at our University's film studio - we've access to overhead lights such as several ARRI 1200 HMIs and Kino Flo Diva-Lite 415s. I intend to setup a few practical lights around the room at 2000-3000k. Although the film is a comedy yet we want to achieve a low-light in the dressing room. It will only let me upload two images so theres a still from Submarine, similar to what I'm aiming for, and also a floor plan as well! Any sort of replies/comments would be great - Thanks!


Note : Shooting on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k with Samyang Lens Kit (14/35/80)



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