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Guillaume Cottin

Lumenradio Moonlite

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have any of you used the Moonlite by Lumenradio. It seems very glitchy (won’t connect, etc...). Was wondering if you someone had the same experience.


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I own both Moonlites by Lumenradio and Skynodes by Cinelex and I have had more issues with the skynodes to be honest... Sometimes its hard to pinpoint whats the problem is, but I use a moonlite as transmitter and a mixture of moonlites and skynodes as receivers.

Maybe the problems with the skynode come from having them work with a moonlite as a transmitter? Technically shouldn't be an issue, but you never know. I never had an issue which I couldn't resolve within a couple of minutes with either system and most are just a case of one skynode losing connection and me pushing the link button on the transmitter once and everything works great again. Could you describe the problems you are having a bit more?

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21 hours ago, Alex Sprenger said:

Could you describe the problems you are having a bit more?

Sure. The moonlite almost always successfully connects to the CRMX app but not always to Luminair. I was told I have to disconnect from CRMX app in order to connect to Luminair. While annoying in itself (when you have to pair more lights in the middle of a shoot) this solution helped, but I still have issues connecting to Luminair. Sometimes the Moonlite doesn’t show up in the Bluetooth list in Luminair. Sometimes it shows up but does not output DMX. Also it shows up a signal strength of roughly 60% even when I am close to the unit.

One time, my Moonlite got bricked (static red LED, unit won’t turn off) and the support told me to remove the battery...

I am wondering basically if I have a defective unit or if that’s the same with all Moonlites.

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Curious if you made any progress with this.  

I am playing with a brand new Moonlite right now, also hoping to use it with Luminair.  My intent was to use the 5 pin output from the Moonlite to connect to a more powerful AKS or Nova transmitter, using Luminair to flash out rigs we'll later hand over to the shoot crew (who will use a Nomad for control).  If the thing works smoothly, we can also use it to confirm correct operation of dayplay asteras etc via CRMX during checkouts.

It took a tremendous amount of closing and opening things before I got Luminair to recognize the Moonlite, even though the iPad was connected and the app could see and configure it.  It seems to be working fine now, but the whole point of using the Moonlite vs an old-school 2.4g network out of Luminair is to achieve a simpler and smaller footprint.  100mA of CRMX isn't worth $500 to me if it isn't reliable.

Wondering also if you've any idea if the Moonlite's battery condition could be a factor....  mine was dead as a doornail out of the box, but has been charging as I wrestle with it.  It now works.  If I can't trust it to work reliably, though, I'm going to return it and resign myself to carting around all the gak for the wifi solution.


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Luke, You’re pretty much describing my own struggles especially the “opening and closing a lot of apps” part. Great item on paper, but sometimes unreliable. Mine works most of the time now, to be fair, and when it does the signal is good, but would I trust it in a demanding situation? I don’t know.

The moonlite won’t output wired DMX and CRMX at the same time. In my opinion that’s a big limitation.

No progress on my side, like I said, it kinda works but it is clunky. Hoping for software updates!

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