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Moritz Moessinger

ARRI SR3 HD Video Assist Options (AZ Spectrum or Visual Products)

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I own an ARRI SR3 Advanced for quite some time now and always wanted to upgrade the ARRI IVS Video Tap to a state-of-the-art HD Video Tap in order to achieve a better image as well as lose any analog-digital converter.

The most important aspects for me are of course the high res digital image, the sensitivity to low light (the IVS always started to fall apart quite quickly) as well as the flicker reduction of course.

After doing some research I found the AZ Spectrum Version 2 camera as well as the camera by Visual Products the two most referred to options to attach to the C-Mount Optics I luckily got as well.

Does anyone here know any notable differences between the two systems?

The price difference is quite notable (AZ Spectrum roughly 2500$ and Visual Products around 1700$).

AZ Spectrum also offers the conversion of the ARRI IVS to HD-SDI but after talking to them, they told me that the conversion isn't 100% flicker free on 24fps.

I would love to hear your thoughts!


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I dont think either are 100% flicker free, IIRC they both run at 25fps. The footage I've seen off the AZ one is effectively flicker free, it just dims a little in cycles.

The listed VP tap requires the non-IVS video arm top, though my understanding is they are working on full replacement for the IVS.  

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Thanks for your response. As far as I understand the description on the AZ page, they recommend the non IVS option as well, since it is supposed to be flicker free in comparison to the IVS conversion. Luckily, I own the non IVS top and are not sure if the VP has any disadvantage compared to the more expensive AZ camera.


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