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What means HD in 720p

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Hello everybody,

I'm here to better understand what means High Definition.

Surely YouTubing you can see several movies in 720p(1080p, etc...).

However, some of them appear more defined that others. For example, naturalistic documentaries seems more detailed than a cinema film.

I apologize with you for my following sentence: for several films it seems to me that (for some reason, probably for the lenses used, maybe for the use of a smoke machine, probably ... I don't know) they appear   "under defined" with respect the HD camera used to shoot them.

Please, give a look at the following link. Surely a wonderfull film. But ... It doesn't seem to me defined at 720p.

Can you tell me something .. or maybe I need of a good opticians and new glasses ?




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Something can be final rendered in 1080p but realistically only have the resolution of 480p, it happens all the time. I have friends who render 240p footage in 4K as a joke, knowing Youtube will give the little button for it.

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There's a multiple factors to why some films look sharper than others at the same resolution. Diffusion filters, original capture codec, any post-production effects, and even how the master project was compressed for streaming. It's hard to boil it down to one reason.

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I was actually doing research on this very thing a couple of months ago.
I tested if it made a difference if I uploaded videos in many different resolutions, codecs and compression. But in the end the result was the same the most compressed stuff exported in an h.264 was just as good as an DNxHR. All the footage was captured in raw format.
Then it got me thinking and I reached out to some know youtubers and we did a comparison test because I suspected that the more subscribers a channel had the less compressed the videos were. No dice there either.

I tried vimeo and actually had less compression there.

At the end I actually realized that if the videos were encoded as sRGB when exported they looked better on youtube and it didn't matter if it was uploaded as HD 1080p or 4K.

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