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Stephen Perera

See my Eastman Double X stills - incl. 35mm lens on 16mm

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Hi all....got back the 400ft of footage from Cinelab London for the personal project I'm shooting on my father - an athlete, still at nearly 82 years of age.....this is a personal project and family heirloom.....so Im putting my hands in my pocket and going for it....










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The close-up of the sand hour-glass + my father's face + running on the bridge were shot with a Pentax Takumar 135mm lens on my Aaton XTR XC 16mm camera - Les Boscher made an M-42 to Aaton mount adapter for me for £200........the rest with Cooke Varokinetal 9-50mm lens....all scanned at 2K on Arriscan by James Wren at Cinelab London...standard 16mm full gate.
This is the first 400ft of the project....I'm going to order another 1200ft to complete the 'story' I want to tell.....

Basically the theme is.....RUNNING WITH TIME....its a play on the fact that he's in his 80s and he's out there running.....is time catching up with him or is he running away from time trying to catch up with him......that sort of thing......

Note: the astronauts image on the wall....my auntie...his sister...went to live in Los Angeles back in the 50s and she sent us the original LIFE magazine of the moon landing and that was like a hard cardboard poster in it
Note 2: The 
boomerang was given to him as he competed in the Commonwealth Games in Perth, Australia in 1962...called the Empire Games at the time - thats him in the race on the photo he's pointing at....behind the darker man obv.

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did a crappy Instagram cut I did in a rush...its all out of time but it will do for now....this is just a small cut from the first 400ft....I have another 1200ft for the project I'm shooting.....to tell the story.....it will do for now...some of the stills don't appear in this cut...also the final piece will be 2048 x 1556px not this square format for Instagram...I despise how they try and kill grain with their compressions....Ive raised a ticket with Vimeo to give me the highest data rates as i pay the PRO version


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Nice, yea in motion it looks so much better. Only way to make Vimeo look good is to upload either a HEVC .h265 file OR the original Pro Res file from the workstation. .h264's don't work sadly. 

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Very lovely. Looking forward to seeing the final cut. I have shot S16 7222 on Nikon AI-S lenses and the contrast and sharpness were gorgeous. 

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It all seems an editing mess at the moment but the 3 cans I have in the fridge will hopefully piece it all together.....Anyway...it's all about promoting what I think is a beautiful stock....Eastman Double X  this is not about me......hopefully you will go shoot it soon

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