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Antonio Polito

How to light a Moody Daylight Interior?

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For class I have to be able to light a scene on the stage we have and I've chosen this set-up from The Master. Being on a stage, we have access to loads of lighting gear(I think the strongest light we have is a 5k tungsten, but we also have some HMI's and Skypanels). Outside the window is a photo backdrop, which I'd like to play with almost overexposing, like in the image. I can imagine that I'd need to set a light outside the window to hit the talent. I was also thinking to have a light inside the room to the left of frame, which would work to continue and wrap that outside light. I was also thinking of having negative fill on the ground but other than that, I can't think of how else to achieve this look. What do you guys think? Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


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On stage, the trick is to recreate all the ambience coming into the room from the window, though a blast of bright sunlight tends to do most of that - but it helps to have soft light coming in from all edges of the window, particularly the sides and from above.  Skypanels are good for that and you can make them bluer than the tungsten sun to recreate the coldness of skylight.

You can do whatever you want inside -- if needed --  that is soft as long as it is very dim.  It should be more of an "as needed" element to hold detail in the dark areas. It looks like the room in this reference had dark walls, for example. If you have light-toned walls, you won't need as much light in the room.

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