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Sir Alvin Ekarma

Paul Hillman at Visual Products Still Around to fix your CP-16

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So I exploded my U16 CP-16 in last fall when I fumbled the wiring of my DIY battery and went poking around to get it fixed.  Paul Hillman and Visual Products always came up in posts, but I wasn't 100 % on that since the posts were all super old.  Well, I rang up Visual Products and Paul is still there fixing up CP-16s as  of this post.  It took awhile since there's a backlog of more current product repairs, but he finally got around to it this past month and it's coming back all alive and stuff.  So if you end up like me and your CP-16 needs some repair work, Paul and Visual Products can do it and are most likely people the only folks who can, but they are super nice and the repair cost was incredibly reasonable.  Bear in mind there's going to be wait but if you were like me and ready to part it out on Ebay, it'll be worth it. 

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Great that you got the camera fixed easily! 

Just wanted to say that one never needs to throw the camera away even if the electronics are burned and no spare parts available. With today's technology is is possible to install completely new custom made electronics to the existing camera body... even a different type of motor if needed. 

I am for example developing a DIY crystal sync solution which would be adaptable to multiple different camera types and is customisable. It will cost a bit of course but it can give a new life to a camera body. Something finished is probably available in Summer or so :) 


(If the original electronics can be repaired, then it usually is best to just keep them as is. If they cannot be repaired, then a completely new motor control system like my design may be the best option. If the camera body is MECHANICALLY trashed completely then it might be best to let it go and purchase a new one. 

Just something to know of... there is still hope even if the camera's electronics are trashed and non repairable. A new control system can be developed even from scratch, it is much easier to do nowadays than in the 70's or 80's. Most of it can be done with programming and standard parts and 1/10th of the work)


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