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Lav Bodnaruk

Video Tap On BL?

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Hi there,

I own a BLE unit that i am trying to gear up for an indi feautre. At the moment i am looking at getting a video tap for it. The door is just a standard one, not converted, the view finder is a bent 90degree one - not a small one...


now, i am rather interested in getting the in-built one, which i know will require the new door and much labour work - totaling at $2100AUS if i send it out to Melbourne (from Brisbane) Australia. This is super expensive for me and it's not something I could afford at the moment... The other option i was told i had was, getting a video tap that mounts onto the view finder? This particular option is not meant to allow me to view through view finder at the same time as through a vide split, bit it is meant to be much cheaper.


This brings me to my question. I have found this Video Tap on eBay for Arri Bl2 and Bl3 and am not sure if it will fit onto my 16mmBLE. The guy selling it wasn't sure either, but he seems to think that it could fir with a C mount conversion of some kind?>> I don't know what that means? Can it work? The two together?



that's the link for the Video Tap. Please let me know if you think it might work. Also, if you know of any other options, i am open for suggestions. For my test shoot, i actualy mounted a small SPY CAMERA on top of the ZOOM LENS and had some idea of what the actors were doing. This obviously bypassed all ideas of Video Split not giving me the shot, the framing, the lens, but rahter just the performance of the actor. It worked fine when we were on wide end of the lens but when the zoom was being used to its full potential, it meant that the spy camera was capturing the acton in LS rather then CU... I have also seen people mount a SMALL MINI DV camera to their view finders. This looked interesting.... They record onto the Mini DV at the same time and have Video out to go to monitor... the MiniDV gets attached to the View finder somehow... any tips on that (like which MiniDV might be right for my View Finder) would also be awesome!


Thanks for reading this far! Cheers, Lav!

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