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Jon Pivko

RGB Lights with X & Y Coordinates?

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The only RGB lights with CIE 1931 X and Y coordinate control that I can find are Arri Skypanels. Does anyone know of a different brand of light where you can dial in your color with this level of control?

Other lights seem to use an RGBw or similar model to control the color. From what I am reading there is less control there and no way to translate the data into something like X and Y or vice versa.

Also, is there a way to match an RGB light with only HSL controls using a Color Meter?

My goal is to augment natural light using a color meter and RGB lights, but not having luck trying to find lights with X and Y outside of Skypanels.


Thanks for your time.

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I think some of the Rosco DMG stuff has it, as do some models of Kino Flo LED.

Lack of an xy mode doesn't imply less control, nor does presence of an xy mode imply that two lights can easily be matched for camera.

The CIE 1976 xy chromaticity diagram represents colour as viewed by a human being. Two different spectrums may look the same to humans and would therefore be correctly represented at the same location on a CIE diagram. Two lights which use different LED emitters will produce two different spectrums which might appear the same to humans, and are thus validly called "the same colour."

Those two different spectrums might not look the same to a camera, however, with its different balance of sensitivities to red, green and blue light. Because of this, no colour control scheme can guarantee that any two lights will match on camera* and the only way to positively verify such a match is on a monitor. 

* The trivial exception to this is if both the lights involved have information about the varying sensitivites of different cameras. So far the only company to have done this is Kino-Flo and it is not clear exactly how this information is being used by the light. 

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