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Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

The importance of a professional Google presence

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This gal Ada Luisa Trillo  wanted to be in my LinkedIn.

When it comes to LinkedIn I'm kinda choosy as to who I let in. Just as you can dilute your portfolio with garbage and personal material, you can dilute your internet presence with whom you associate with. Sometimes with Google searches you find their work comes up when someone searches for you and vice versa. (I go into that in the link at the end.) 

Now, I can't say anything ever came of LinkedIn, it is just another venue to broadcast my work to. But I am able to connect to some big names in various areas of interest.  In Ada's case first thing I did was to Google her. Specifically a Google image search. I don't like to read...I like to see. I'm  a photog and she said she is a photog. So I don't need your artist's statement or resume, lets cut the bullshit and see your photos / films / art. Well, within 15 - 20 seconds I liked what I saw, so I accepted her request. 

Here is some of her work. (The nude, fat Mexican hooker sold me!)



Here is an old post I wrote entitled:

"If your serious…don’t make the mistake that many photographers do by diluting a portfolio with lots of garbage and personal photos."



I wrote it a long time ago. I can't say I follow my own rules as strictly as I used to. After I got my work into 130+ museums and curated collections, I didn't care as much. And after I started broadcasting my work with hundreds of areas of collection for archival preservation, I didn't care as much. But for you guys and gals that do care, it is something to think about as you try to make a name for yourself. Just remember, once it is online it is hard to get rid of. So for those that care, Google yourself and see if you are happy with what you find.

And don't forget to see all search options.








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