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Patrick Cooper

Rubber belts for Eiki projector

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Just wondering if anyone knows a source for rubber belts designed specifically for Eiki 16mm projectors other than eBay? I do see some on eBay but it would be good if there were more options. A number of years ago, I was using an Eiki projector (can't recall which model.) It's somewhere in storage and I'll have to find it. Overall, it was a nice, well built projector. Mechanically, it was very reliable. It was also my first 16mm projector. But it had one major flaw. It used these rubber belts in the arms for the take up and feed spools and they would frequently break when projecting films. There were times when I would borrow 16mm films from a film library and I couldn't finish watching them because one of the belts would break mid-reel. I had to return the films only partly watched. It got extremely frustrating. 

At the time, I managed to get some generic belts from a local store as replacements but they wouldn't last long. Though once I chatted with someone who said that the authentic rubber belts for the Eiki projectors would last much longer. I was thinking of putting the projector into active use again and it would be great to get my hands on some belts that would last a decent amount of time.

Ive actually had pretty bad luck with 16mm projectors. I have three of them from different companies. The reason I have three is that I was on a quest to find a reliable 16mm projector. Though unfortunately, all three have issues. With the Eiki, it's the rubber belts constantly breaking as mentioned above. After that, I bought a Singer which to be honest, was pretty poorly made. My dad was really unimpressed with it when he went through it's innards. The globe blew not long after I bought it. I bought a replacement globe for it which was unusually expensive - well over $40 if I recall. When the new bulb was installed, there was no light output. I was never able to use it since.

Later, I bought a Bell & Howell manual threading projector. It seemed to have a fault with the audio. It had very poor quality sound. If someone was talking in a film (eg dialogue or narration) it was hard to understand what they were talking about. And this projector was really loud. If the bad sound quality wasn't enough, it would be drowned out by the extreme loudness of the projector. Normally, I don't mind the sound of a movie projector - it can add to the ambiance of a screening. But this thing is way too loud. And worse for me being the projectionist as I have sit right next to it. It's like being next to someone pounding away with a jack hammer in a demolition crew. Very unpleasant. Though despite the annoying issue with the rubber belts, the Eiki is so much nicer to use. Actually, I think the Eiki will be the only 16mm projector that I will bring out of retirement. At this stage, I don't know what I will do with the other two. 

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This company sells all kinds of parts for projectors. I made the mistake of ordering one belt at a time, not realizing that almost all of them were bad - I should have just ordered the "belt kit" that they sell for Eiki.


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Posted (edited)

Thankyou for your replies. They look like good resources. 

With regards to the Van Eck site, whereabouts do they have the 'belt kit' for Eiki? I found the Eiki link in the film projection category and I see some spare parts available for individual models, including drive belts but don't know if that's different to the 'belt kit.'.  

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