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Color reproduction differences between film and digital

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Hello everyone!

I shot this short scene last spring identically with Blackmagic Ursa mini 4.6k and Kodak 7213 film and I'm now writing my thesis where I "compare" the results.

Ursa Mini 4.6k settings:

  • Crop-mode 2k DCI
  • Prores4444
  • ASA200

Film was shot with Arri Sr2 and Kodak 7213 was rated at 200asa

S16 Zeiss super speed mark I lenses were used on both cameras.

Film was scanned to 16Bit Prores 4444 log format.

Entire scene here:

This was my first time shooting film and as you can see mistakes were made. I overexposed the film bit too much (0.5 stops, maybe close to 1), and so highlights are quite blown out. But hey, you learn from your mistakes.

I would have few questions about color reproduction that I haven't found any answers myself yet.

Blue colored light from 5600k source that u can see in top left corner is way more intense and saturated in film footage than it is in digital. First I thought that the reason for this is the smaller number of blue photosites on sensor. But it can not be that simple?

Second thing I'm trying to get my head around, is the orange/magenta colored light. For my eye that light magenta color is quite much more saturated and visible in digital footage than it is in film footage. After reading Kodak's Technical Data manual for 7213 I came to conclusion that maybe 7213 just cant "read" wavelengths of that color?

Thank you in advance!


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